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Why An Employee Assistance Program?

At the heart of every successful organization, you will find efficient employees. They are the face of your business and your connection to clients. Unfortunately, all employees (and their dependents) will face difficult life challenges at some stage. Blomquist Hale is your solution.

Why Choose Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance?

To be successful, an EAP needs to be utilized by employees.  At Blomquist Hale we ensure that your employees know, understand, and trust the program, encouraging them to reach out to us for counseling in their time of need.

Blomquist Hale is your partner in making an intensive effort to help members at a preventive level. We help address real-life issues right at the root cause - most not typically covered by insurance - within a counseling model, preventing utilization of higher cost, more extensive long-term services. [Learn More]


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