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We all experience ups and downs in life. Stresses, conflicts and challenges occur as part of daily living. Often we deal with these situations on our own or with the help of family and friends. However, sometimes it helps to talk to an experienced counselor.

Mental Health Impacts Healthcare Costs

Nearly half of Americans will develop a mental illness during their lifetime, some of which may escalate costs & complicate treatment for medical conditions.

Individuals with mental illness more frequently have risk factors such as smoking or obesity, contributing to higher likelihood of chronic conditions and health care utilization.

Unfortunately the majority of adults with a diagnosable behavioral health disorder don’t get treatment. Among top reasons: couldn’t afford (45.7%), didn’t know where to go (15.3%), insurance didn’t cover enough (11.7%).

Give your employees the support they need to overcome difficult life issues. Contact Blomquist Hale today to discuss solutions to best fit your organization's unique needs.

Sources: Bringing Behavioral Health into the Care Continuum: Opportunities to Improve Quality, Costs and Outcomes. American Hospital Association Trendwatch, Jan. 2012. Investing in Mental Health. World Health Organization, 2003.

Strengthen Your Company From Within

Blomquist Hale is the premier provider of wellness and employee programs. With a proven track record, we have helped hundreds of companies reduce costs and improve the well being of employees. Our success is due to our willingness and experience to go far beyond the services of typical employee assistance programs.

Take the Edge in Your Field Today!

If you are a broker, third party administrator or health insurance consultant you need an edge in the ever changing landscape of health care insurance. No one likes to show their clients yearly increases in health care insurance costs. Blomquist Hale can help you be their hero.

Blomquist Hale:
Your Complete EAP

Face-to-Face Therapy

Dedicated Support

Rapid Crisis Intervention

Supervisory & Management Resources

Risk Reduction & Assistance with Troubled Employees

Drug-Free Workplace & SAP Services

Behavioral Wellness

Change Courses

Customizable Training

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We are so much more than your standard "bundled" crisis line.

We are Blomquist Hale.

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Why an

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

At the heart of every organization, you will find employees - the face of your business. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 employees will face significant life-changing events this year that will affect their performance at work and life in general. Choosing Blomquist Hale as your EAP partner to support your employees can help you realize the benefits of EAP coverage:

What Are People Saying?


"I am extremely impressed that after we quit seeing our counselor he called just to see how things were going and if he could be of any further help to us. I appreciate his concern."

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